Costa Maya Villas are just outside the center of Mahahual's tourist area, but close enough to walk to events, restaurants and activities. Years ago, Mahahual was a sleepy fishing village that went by the name of Majahual or Mahajual. It still is pretty sleepy. In 2002, the Port of Costa Maya was built and Mahahual became a Cruise ship destination and changed the name spelling. People still have a hard time pronouncing it! It is pronounced Ma-ha-WAHL (like the WAL in WalMart). Regardless of how one may visit Mahahual, the lighthouse greats everyone who visits its shoreline and Magical reef. The pictures to the right and below show the Magical sleepy side of Mahahual.

Sleepy Mahahual

Mahahual has many fans, especially those that like the laid back atmosphere of the Caribbean. This is a far different place than Cancun, the Riviera Maya or even Tulum.

Mahahual Lighthouse (El Faro)
Mahahual's signature landmark is the lighthouse. Note the recycled plastic sculpture of the fish in the lower right. Sculpture and murals adorn many of the buildings in Mahahual.

Port Costa Maya

When the cruise ships dock in Mahahual, thousands of passengers enter the 1.6 km stretch of town. Costa Maya Villa is located between the lighthouse (pictured at the left) and the Cruise ship pier. Guests staying in the Condos will enjoy seeing the floating hotels entering and departing. Try visiting Mahahual center on both Cruise ship and non-cruise ship days to experience the difference.

Mahahual beach

Mahahual Tienda

You know you are in Mexico when you see the bright colors of mexico and tables stacked with handicrafts. Here you will find local items, such as the shell wind chimes shown above, hardwood crafts from the local town of Buena Vista and hot sauces made at our own KM. 5 rancho.

Mahahual Malecon

Mahahual has calm turquoise water lots of "beach clubs" where one can rent a chair for the day and find boats ready to take one fishing or just for a ride in the Caribbean. It is the perfect place to hang out for a day.

Mahahual Shore
Mahahual has a mile long Malecon, or pedestrian walkway that runs the length of the beach.