Shopping Mahahual


Costa Maya Condos come equipped with a beautiful kitchen and all the utensils that most people need to cook up a great meal. What Mahahual doesn't have is a large grocery store. Instead it has little mini-supers. If one is not accustomed to shopping in mini-supers, one might think there isn't anything there. Those who don't want to brave Mexican shopping may want to pick up something in Chetumal or in Playa de Carmen or Tulum. However, those who like an adventure, will find the challenge fun when they are empowered with the help of a few tips:

Tips for shopping in Mahahual:

  • Mahahualaneans like to help, it is in their nature. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.
  • Few of the vendors speak English. Learn as many food words in Spanish as possible or bring a translator on your smart phone.
  • Ask for anything you can't find (hence the need to learn the words for foods). In a mini-super, you would normally need to ask for Avocados (Aguacates)
  • Don't feel afraid to rummage through coolers piled with unidentifiable gray plastic bags. Good things are hiding out there like bell peppers, poblano chilies, carrots and lettuce.
  • Don't assume that a store only has poor looking produce. Simply ask "Hay algo mejor?" (is there anything better?) and point to the bad produce. 75% of the time it works - they disappear and show up with beautiful produce.
  • Shopping for food occurs on the back streets, restaurants are on the Malecon.

Individual stores and what they carry:

On the Puerto Costa Maya Road marked by a Glorieta (roundabout) saying COSTA MAYA

  • Baraudi's has the best prices for staples, such as toilet paper, bug spray, candles, Beer, sodas, yogurt, milk and other packaged items. Baraudi's is located on the first block of the road that leads to the Costa Maya Pier.
  • Across the street from Baraudi's on the North is a Farmacia. Unfortunately the hours are limited.
  • On the West side of the block across from Baraudi's is Mobius which is a Video store and phone service where you call internationally at reasonable rates. They also have a copy machine and printers if you need to print something up.
  • Mini-super Bere's has almost everything you need. You may be paying US prices, but at least you can find most items. If you struggle to find coffee beans, try Mini-super Bere's. She is located on the road to the Costa Maya Pier and Kohunlich crossing on the 4th intersection.
  • Hermano Martin's: This store has a good selection of wines and liquors, plus many pharmaceutical items, cigarettes, sunscreen lotion and a mixture of items that don't fit into any category. Sometimes they are selling fresh barbequed lamb out front too!
  • Laundry Mat at La Posada: There isn't a sign out front, but on the 4th intersection there is a little hotel called La Posada. Adjacent to that is a laundry Mat that doesn't really have a good sign. Everyone just knows it is a good reasonably priced laundry Mat with a one day turn around. If the door to the laundry mat is closed, ask at La Posada as they are owned by the same lovely owner.
  • Across from Mini-super Bere's there is another Mini-super that is rather hard to find the name, but you can recognize it by the ice box and the Crystal Water case outside the store. Inside you will find tortillas (they are sold by the kilo, half kilo or just say I want 5 pesos worth) and a good selection of inexpensively priced produce. This is the opportunity to rummage through the cooler.

In the Beach section of town - marked by a Glorieta (roundabout) labeled MAHAHUAL

  • 100% Agave liquor store, also known as Solo Chelas. They have very good prices on Tequila and Corona products. Located on Huachanengo, or the one way street heading north, 30 meters South of the futbol field.
  • On the same street, there is a frozen fish, shrimp and lobster supplier. Top Quality with good prices.
  • Fresh whole fish in a little shack that is one block before the school and 40 cannons.
  • Tortilla Noe: This is another Mini-super that you can rummage through the fridges. You will not find the avocados out in the store, but you will have to ask for them. This is a little Gem of a store, but you do have to ask. They care Tortillas as well. .
  • Across the street from Tortilla Noe is a real treasure. Every weekday morning a pig is buried in the ground and about 9:30 or so it comes out of the ground. You won't see a store, but you will smell the odor of cooking pork and see fresh pork hanging from a small shack. you can purchase a slab of pork, fresh ribs or ask for Carnitas, the delicious pork that they pull out of the ground.

Mini-Super Mahahual

Tortilla Noe is a good well-stocked Mini-super even if at first glance it looks like this is all the produce they have. Make sure to ask for what you want.